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€35 000 Setup Time 2 weeks Online Casino Software
€25 000 Setup Time 2 weeks Poker Room Software
Software licensing also available for U.S. customers.

Online casinos and online poker rooms are the gateways for players wishing to engage in casino games such as slots, blackjack, video poker, Texas Holdem poker, etc to do so from the comfort of their own home or office. Internet gambling and other forms of remote gambling are revolutionizing the gambling industry. Starting an online gambling business can turn out to be extremely profitable for online casino or poker rooms owners.

The backbone of all online casinos is the software that they are using. The better the software is the more profitable the casino will be, as it has more chances to attract loyal players. EplaySoft is greatly experienced in online casino and online poker room software development. We have created turnkey solutions for igaming that will undoubtedly provide online gamblers with a feeling of playing at an actual casino. We work in two main directions of online gambling software development:

lt depends on the requirements and needs of our clients. Moreover, according to our pricing policy we do not ask for any monthly payments.

The success of our online gambling software is conditioned not only by excellent games delivery but also by great management tools designed for operating an online casino business. Our online casino software can boast of its world popularity among online casino and online poker business operators, because we offer complete turnkey solutions for starting an online gambling website. We do not dictate casino owners what a casino play-scales should be, we also do not require to set certain payout percentages. All depends on the requirements and needs of our clients. Moreover, according to our pricing policy we offer the lowest revenue share deals. You pay only 10% from your net profit per month!

We offer a full-cycle set up of our gambling websites. We will handle all the tech aspects, including website set up, software installation on the server, custom non-template design, payment systems integration, etc. You will only need to “turn the key” to start your own online casino business.

Online casino software developed by EplaySoft is truly reliable, secure, and fair. We have integrated a Random Number Generator (RNG) that offers true randomness of shuffle. RNG utilized in the turnkey gambling solutions we offer is Mersenne Twister (MT). This RNG is based on a matrix linear recurrence over a finite binary field F2. Fairness and security of our software is proved by the audit carried out by Gaming Labs International (GLI). It is an internationally accredited testing group that is known for its reputation of a true expert in electronic devices testing.

For more information, please, contact us. Our experts will provide you with full information about our online poker room and online casino software for sale.

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