Eplaysoft provides the most comprehensive suite of casino games and management tools available.
Our casino suite covers almost all the essential casino games like BlackJack, Caribbean Poker, Paigow, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker games and Slot machines including progressive slots.

The most advanced management tool includes all the functions you need as a casino operator.
Its function includes, but not limited to, the game settings, transactions, users, cashier, financial report, affiliates, newletter, pitboss and marketing.

The Eplaysoft's casino games have stunning 3d graphics and realistic gaming process, and thus they gives the most addictive gaming experience to the players as if they were in one of the real land casinos in LasVegas.
Also each game was made in flash and the players don't need to download. This is apparently an advantage over the casino games which require the annoying download.

Eplaysoft casino games and backend use the most advanced Java technologies which guarantee the best performance, scalability and security. The players don't need to download anything when you modify the game codes or add some games. All are done on the server-side.

Eplaysoft casino suite's management tools are accessible via your web-browser from anywhere in the world.
Also you can create assisting operator accounts and grant different access authorities to them.


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