1. No download, Instant Play.

Most online casinos require downloading of their casino softwares for the visitors to play the games. It's needless to say that it's annoying. Online users are not so patient. EPlaysoft provides flash casino games which don't require downloading. Visitors can play games directly from their web browser without the trouble of downloading the game softwares. This instant play means a better result when the same marketing time and money are invested.

2. No Royalty. You take all.

Probably you checked many casino software providers on the web and found that you should pay the monthly royalty to them in addition to the initial setup costs. Monthly royalty amount gets bigger and bigger as you succeed since the royalty is percent-based. To succeed, marketing is essential factor. In general, as you increase the marketing cost, so do the sales. If there is no royalty, you can invest more in the marketing and as a result, you get more revenue. The fixed monthly royalty is a burden on you too. If you pay small monthly royalty like 1500$ and your casino site generates 30000 $ monthly revenue, you feel satisfied. But in that case, the software providers are not pleasant. They are tempted to take all saying to you that you broke their terms and conditions. This is another reason that you need your own royalty-free casino.

3. Complete ownership of casino.

Online casino industry is the wild west. Most game providers tell "It's your own casino", but it's a lie. The casino softwares are installed on their server and you can't touch them. You can just access the statistics page which shows how much you earned. You are just an affiliate, not an owner. For example, you have a whitelabel casino which is provided by a game provider. You invest much money and time in marketing your site and fortunately you succeed and get much revenue from your site. Exactly speaking, the game provider sends check to you honestly. What happens if the game provider bans you from accessing your stats page for some reason, or they bankrupt? Will you take a legal action against them? They are located on a offshore country with a fake local representative. Unless you plan to get hundreds of dollars from your casino monthly, you need to be serious. You can't earn 10,000 $ monthly revenue when you invested just 1,500 $ in renting a casino site. If you want any 'meaningful' money, you had better consider 'owning' your casino.

EPlaysoft installs the full game softwares on your server and after setup, you get full control on everything. We can't even access to your server unless you request technical help. Nothning on us. All the softwares and databases are on your server and under your control. It's really your own casino now. You can do whatever you want.

4. Superb gaming experience.

EPlaysoft's casino games have stunning 3d graphics, sounds, music and the realistic gaming process. They were made to give an addictive gaming experience to the players, which guarantee more revenue to you. All the factors affecting to the gaming experience were carefully considered and reflected to the games. Please play our demo for a better understanding.

5. Perfect Management tool.

The complete reports and controls on all the aspects of the casino site are essential for the successful casino management. EPlaysoft's casino management tools provide even more than you need. You can check and control 'every' detail'. They include but are not limited to all the game settings, reports/controls on the users, affiliates, transactions, marketing, fraud prevention, newsletter and more. We are confident that you don't need any more detailed reports or controls than our management tools. Also the management tools are accessible by the web and thus you can access them anywhere and anytime.

Full featured 2-tier affiliate systems and marketing campaign tools are included.

6. Unlimited tech support.

Many game providers on the web are in fact not making any game. They are just resellers or brokers of some game providers who developed the softwares. You can't expect any technical support from the resellers or brokers. We developed the casino softwares and so can provide unlimited technical support. The tech support includes full guarantee of the successful software intallation and error-free operation. If you don't know anything about the technical parts, don't worry. We will do all the technical things for you. We will arrange every parts so that you can easily understand and control the casino.

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